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Alexander Lyons is a kind, generous, and passionate teacher and performer. Lyons first started his musical journey studying an array of musical instruments through school including saxophone, tuba, and his primary wind instrument, clarinet. He took that passion and began his career by attending Radford University to achieve his Bachelor of Science in Music. It was during his time at Radford that he began to explore his passion for singing. He graduated with a double emphasis in both clarinet and classical voice.


Once Lyons graduated from Radford, he began to explore many different facets of music. Performing expanded beyond just western classical and operatic music. Lyons began to explore musical theatre and contemporary commercial music (CCM) for the first time in a professional manner. In his teaching journey he has taught large, small, and individual lessons in both instrumental and choral music. In private lessons, students have studied classical, musical theatre, and CCM styles. From Alexander’s own experience, studying and exploring music from many different genres has enriched his experience. His vocal versatility and flexibility between genres is something that professionals seek Lyons’ experience and expertise during performances.


Once establishing his love for musical theatre and CCM stylings and private instruction, Lyons attended Boston Conservatory at Berklee achieving a Master of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Vocal Pedagogy. Lyons’ big emphasis in studio spaces revolves around student’s ability to self identify vocal health through sensation based evaluation and physiological understanding to establish technique. Lyons is also a huge advocate of cross-instrumental training. Coming from a background in both clarinet and vocal performance, Lyons finds the training valuable with the growing demand for multi-talented musicians.

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