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Voice and Clarinet Lessons

Boston and New York In Person, Virtual Anywhere

$125/ hour

$70/ half hour

For further inquiries on music lessons email


Stephen Brodeur

“I have always enjoyed singing and started taking lessons with Alex as a hobby. Lessons can be a vulnerable experience, but Alex has a gentle and communicative approach that fostered trust and put me at ease. He has a really great way of explaining academic concepts in an approachable way that is easy for me to understand as an avocational vocalist with very little exposure to formal training. Since working with him, I’ve noticed a real change in my relationship to not just my voice but to my entire body overall. Alex’s focus on feel over sound has helped me develop a deeper connection with myself and find a comfort, ease, and joy in singing that wasn’t there before.”

Rachel Groover Headshot 2023.JPG

Rachel Groover

"Alex and I met in college, where I was a theatre major hoping to grow in my musical theatre career. Once I graduated, I knew I wanted to continue  learning and growing, but I didn’t know where to go. Alex reached out to me looking for students to teach, and I jumped at the opportunity! He is such a positive teacher, and he is so patient with me when I start to get frustrated with myself. His knowledge and expertise help me to reach new heights musically, and I use the techniques and exercises he’s taught me every day."

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