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Alexander Lyons is a kind, generous, and passionate teacher and performer who has experience in musical threatre, western classical, and contemporary commercial music. His vocal versatility and flexibility between genres is something that professionals seek Lyons’ experience and expertise during performances. Lyons’ big emphasis in studio spaces revolves around student’s ability to self identify vocal health through sensation based evaluation and physiological understanding to establish technique. Coming from a background in both clarinet and vocal performance, Lyons finds the training valuable with the growing demand for multi-talented musicians.

I'm Not That Smart | Alexander Lyons
Alexander Lyons

I'm Not That Smart | Alexander Lyons

"Lessons can be a vulnerable experience, but Alex has a gentle and communicative approach that fostered trust"

Stephen Brodeur

"He is such a positive teacher, and he is so patient with me when I start to get frustrated with myself. His knowledge and expertise help me to reach new heights musically, and I use the techniques and exercises he’s taught me every day"

Rachel Groover

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